Cavaliers shutout the Trojans

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The Crockett County Cavaliers’ shutout the Trojans 41-0 Friday, November 1 at Dyersburg High School.

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The Cavs put the first score on the board in the first quarter with the only first quarter touchdown by Marqarvious Webb, 7-0.

Webb secured another touchdown with 10 minutes left in the second quarter followed by an interception for 90 yards by Payton Currie for a third Cavalier touchdown with six minutes left. Josh Owens helped finish off the second quarter with a touchdown and only seconds remaining on the clock, ending the second quarter 27-0.

A fumble recovery by Zach Stephenson early in the third was a positive for the Cavaliers in keeping momentum going.

Owens scored another touchdown with 10:30 on the clock followed by a fumble recovery by Nate Sarver for 70 yards and another Cavalier touchdown with six minutes left in the third.

The final third quarter score of 41-0 held through the fourth as the Cavalier defense continued to hold off the Trojans.

Webb rushed 132 yards, received for seven and had a fumble recovery for 12 yards, Owens rushed 109 yards, Currie intercepted the ball twice for 100 yards, Sarver rushed 14 yards and had a fumble recovery for 70 yards, Luke Pratt rushed 26 yards, Leanthony Cathey rushed for 23 yards and V.J. Pillar rushed for four.

On defense, Miguel Guerra tackled 13 times with five assists and one pass break up, Sarver tackled seven times with six assists, Adam Castellaw tackled six times with seven assists, Owens tackled six times with five assists, Webb tackled four times with six assists, Tyren Braggs tackled four times with three assists, Currie tackled three times with four assists, Kylon Turner tackled twice with three assists, Caden Lopez tackled three times with one assist, Noah LaRue tackled twice with two assists, Lucas Barger tackled once with two assists, T.J. Shaw and Jackson Roy tackled once and Darien Green had two assists.

Webb and Owens scored two touchdowns each for 12 points each, Currie and Sarver scored one touchdown each for six points each and Alex Nolan scored five of six PAT.

The epic win against Dyersburg earned the Cavaliers a first round of playoffs at home this Friday, November 8 at 7 p.m. against Bolton High School.

“I’m really proud of you; the way that you played, the way you conducted yourself, the way that you executed, the way you prepared all week. I told you in there that the sign of a good team is a team that comes out and plays well in their last game to get ready for the playoffs and I think you did that tonight,” said Coach Kevin Ward in the team huddle following the game.

To keep track of the tournament, visit the TSSAA website.



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