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Hadyn Moten Signs Commitment to Play Basketball at Dyersburg State Community College

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Haydn Moten committed to play basketball for Dyersburg State Community College (DSCC) on Tuesday, March 21.
Moten is the son of Lindsay and Eric Williams, mother and stepfather and Cornelius and Zaida Moten, father and stepmother.
Moten has played many sports over the years and excelled in each, soaking in all skills and knowledge that he could from his coaches.
He has played basketball since he was 5 years old, played football for 8 years and baseball since he was 5 years old up until freshman year when he focused his skills in on basketball and football.
Cavalier Football Coach Kevin Ward shared, “I am really proud of Haydn on getting to continue his athletic career. He has worked hard for this day and I’m glad he is getting to see the result of the time he has put in to becoming a collegiate player. I know he will do great things at the next level and look forward to seeing his success continue. Good things happen to good people and he is definitely a good kid. Cavalier nation is definitely proud of him.”
Haydn isn’t sure what degree field he wishes to study yet but is showing special interest in business studies.
“I chose Dyersburg State because Coach Howard Dillard does a great job with the guys he has now in developing you as a player and also as a man in life, said Moten. “He believes in you and wants what is best for you.”
Following the completion of his 2 years at DSCC, he plans to transfer to a 4-year university to complete his educational goals and continue playing college basketball.
Moten humbly explained, “It means a lot to me to get to play the next level even though it’s junior college because a lot of kids never get the opportunity to play past high school. I am incredibly thankful for all the coaches I have ever had because each one has taught me a different lesson in life.”
Former Basketball Coach Jarrod Shelton said, “It was a privilege to coach Haydn and his teammates for 2 years and watch them progress throughout their time as student-athletes at Crockett County.”
Each coach shared high regards for Moten’s coachability, team ethics and leadership.
“As someone who knows what it takes to play basketball at the next level, I am really that excited Haydn has the opportunity to do something he loves. He has been a vocal leader for this team. I’m proud that he can take his leadership skills to another team by being coachable and doing whatever it takes. His leaderships skills are so unique for someone so young. I’m thankful for the couple of years that I’ve been able to coach him and extremely proud of him. I can’t wait to see where he goes from here,” said Cavalier Head Basketball Coach Adam Simpson.
Moten will continue soaking in every moment of his last few weeks as a Crockett County Cavalier and plans to make Crockett proud as he carries what he’s learned with him while pursuing his dreams.

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