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Skills Teams Compete in Regional Competition

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The Upper and Lower Skills teams from our local high school competed on 03/10/23 in a regional competition at Haywood County High School. Each member of both teams was randomly assigned one of four different skills that they had to master in order to compete. Despite tough competition from other schools in the region, our Upper Skills team placed 10th overall, while the Lower Skills team placed 12th. It was an impressive showing from both teams, who worked tirelessly in the lead-up to the competition to hone their skills and prepare for the challenges ahead.
One standout performer on the day was Grant Carroll, who placed 2nd in Truss Assembly. Carroll’s impressive performance in this highly technical skill was a testament to his hard work and dedication, and he was rightly celebrated by his teammates and coaches for his achievement.
The Upper Skills team was made up of Mason Brauer, Grant Carroll, Carson Stanford, Colton Mayo, and Jamie Hicks. These students worked together to master a range of different skills, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and masonry. Their ability to work as a team and support each other throughout the competition was a key factor in their success, and they should be proud of their efforts.
The Lower Skills team was composed of Jaxon Moore, Seth Riley, Eli Saylors, and Everett Smith. These students also faced a tough challenge, mastering skills in welding, auto mechanics, HVAC, and diesel engine repair. Their hard work and dedication paid off, and they can hold their heads high knowing that they represented our school with distinction.
Overall, it was a great day for both the Upper and Lower Skills teams. They showed that they are among the best and brightest young tradespeople in the region, and that they have what it takes to succeed in highly competitive environments. Congratulations to all the students who competed today, and to their coaches and supporters who have worked tirelessly to help them achieve their goals. We look forward to seeing what these talented young people achieve in the future.

Cody Bishop

Cody Bishop

Hi! My name is Cody Bishop and I'm currently working as a Graphic Designer for Magic Valley Publishing, the parent company of the Crockett County Times.

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