The Best Ways To Make Your Tires Last Longer

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The Best Ways To Make Your Tires Last Longer

Vehicles are a big investment, and they come with constant maintenance needs. Still, we need our vehicles, and one way to keep costs down is by not skipping routine checkups and maintenance. The tires on your car or truck play a significant role in getting you to and from where you’re going, so it’s important to make them a high priority for upkeep. If you’d like to keep the tires you have as long as possible, follow along as we discuss the best ways to make your tires last longer.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

Your tires need just the right amount of air to run well. If they are overinflated or underinflated, you’ll run into problems. The only way to avoid either one is by checking the tire pressure regularly, preferably once a month.

Turn to your vehicle information to use as a guide so that you know where the tire pressure should be for your vehicle.

Get Regular Rotations

Rotating tires is just as it sounds—the tires take turns in different positions on the car. The purpose is to avoid having the same two front tires seeing more wear and tear than the back since front tires wear out quickly. Have your auto mechanic rotate the tires about every six months or every 5,000 miles.

Balance the Tires

Another way to make your tires last longer is to balance them. Balancing ensures the mass of the tires and wheels distributes properly. If it doesn’t, the tires wear out fast. Your auto shop should offer balancing when rotating the tires.

Keep the Tires Clean

Clean tires are happy tires. If you clean your tires and wheels properly, you’ll remove some objects before they can cause a problem. Small rocks and big chunks of dirt stick easily into the tire and wheel area, so a good cleaning is helpful. Use tire washing time to do a thorough inspection on the tires.

Change Them With the Seasons

Winter may be mild where you live, but snow and ice are always possible, and snow tires are a good idea. Plus, if you exchange your summer tires for winter ones, both sets are likely to make it through their respective seasons without any issues.

Change Them All Together

If one tire needs replacing, it’s not a bad idea to replace them all at that time, especially if all four tires have some age. Tires are imbalanced when one is new and the others are old. The treads on a new tire are perfect, but the other older ones will wear out quicker. It’s best to keep things even.

Follow these tips to make your tires last longer, and you’ll have a safer ride and less time in the shop replacing tires.

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