June 17, 2024
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Nocturnal Hunting: Gear Every Hunter Needs

Nocturnal Hunting: Gear Every Hunter Needs

While most hunting occurs during the day, there are plenty of occasions for a nocturnal hunt. Many farmers and ranchers must protect their livestock by hunting coyotes or wild hogs, which are predominantly nocturnal. If you’re preparing for a nocturnal hunt, start by reading our guide to learn what gear every hunter needs at night.

Bait or Caller

When hunting at night, it’s much more difficult to track and find prey and predators, so hunters have a better chance if they attempt to attract the game to them. Bait and electronic or mouth-blown callers are useful if you’re hunting animals such as coyotes or hogs. Instead of searching and stumbling in the dark, you’ll likely have much more luck by bringing the animals to you.

Thermal Monocular

A thermal monocular or pair of thermal binoculars will be very helpful for spotting prey or tracking them. Tracking prey in the dark is always harder, but a thermal monocular or binoculars will help you pick up the body heat of animals, even on a dark, moonless night.

Thermal Scope

Once you track and find your hunting prey, you’ll need a clear vision to finally bring it down. Whether you’re hunting with a rifle or a bow, a thermal scope remains gear every hunter needs during nocturnal hunting. Like the monoculars and binoculars, the thermal technology of the scope will help hunters see clearly in the dark and give them clear vision for their shot.

Flashlights and Headlamp

Naturally, hunters need to see where they’re stepping and what they’re doing at night, so a supply of flashlights and a headlamp are useful. A headlamp is particularly useful for hunters, allowing their hands to stay free while providing visibility. Also, consider using LED and infrared flashlights and headlamps during nocturnal hunts to gain greater visibility without scaring the prey away.

LED Headlights

If you’re driving during your nocturnal hunt, you should ensure you have LED headlights. LED lights are particularly beneficial for hunting carts, as they provide greater visibility when needed and a wide range of color options. If you’re hunting hogs, green lights help you avoid frightening them, while predators (coyotes and bobcats, for example) struggle to see red lights.

Those are the basic items and tools every hunter should ensure they have in their arsenal before a nocturnal hunt. While nocturnal hunting is basically the same as daylight hunting, it requires more specialized equipment and tactics. Ensure you have the equipment you need to succeed.

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