Most Effective Local Non-Profit Marketing Strategies

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Most Effective Local Non-Profit Marketing Strategies

Charitable efforts that take place on the national stage get a lot of attention. However, small organizations do a lot of good for their local communities, and these organizations need the same effective promotion to raise funds, publicize events, and attract volunteers and members. Read on to understand some of the most effective local non-profit marketing strategies.

Provide Original, Relevant Content

Your online presence is a prime means of gaining attention for your cause. Search engines that respond to questions internet users ask use algorithms to look for authoritative, original content that answers these queries.

Make sure your organization’s website adds a new blog post, video, or page update addressing what your organization is all about, what you’re doing to improve the community, and how people can help. Those looking for volunteer opportunities or a chance to give to a good cause benefitting the local community will respond when your content turns up near the top of search results.

Use Social Media

In addition to a website, your non-profit marketing must include an effective social media presence. This means having an accessible Facebook page, plus Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts that you can update frequently. Cross-link between your website content and your social media accounts to draw visitors further into your mission and your cause.

Stay Visible in the Community

If your organization has a brick-and-mortar presence in your community, make sure you are calling attention to your organization’s work with effective signage. You’ve seen schools and community centers using signage to promote events, encourage participation, or share local news. Even churches can use LED signage to increase attendance. Explore signage options for your building that will draw attention to your organization’s work.

Partner With Local Businesses

One of the most effective ways to build support is to form strategic partnerships with local businesses. From the local Little League to groups that support literacy, children with special needs, or humanitarian efforts when disaster strikes, local businesses can lend credibility and trust to your organization’s cause. Community involvement also helps your build business, making these partnerships and sponsorships a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Document Success With Numbers

Donors, volunteers, and community members need to know their efforts are making a difference. Quantify your success and publicize your numbers. How many meals have you served? How many veterans have you helped find and furnish a home? How many families benefit from the playgrounds you build or maintain? Share your successes and encourage local residents to volunteer or donate.

These tips on marketing for local non-profits are just the beginning. When your budget expands as your group gains attention, consider hiring professionals to help with your social media campaigns and online presence. Thank you for your good work!

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