How To Maximize Mileage and Save Money on Diesel Fuel

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How To Maximize Mileage and Save Money on Diesel Fuel

Truck owners will do anything to improve their vehicle’s look, feel, and effectiveness. One area of concern that many have is their fuel economy or the lack thereof. Learning how to maximize mileage and save money on diesel fuel may take some aftermarket additions, but you can solve most of these issues.

Ease Your Foot off the Gas

Having a lead foot and putting the pedal to the metal can awaken a beast of an engine, but reaching top speeds also burns more fuel. Gradually accelerating is much better for your fuel economy. Lowering your RPMs means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard, improving the diesel’s fuel efficiency.

Using cruise control is a smart and easy way to avoid pushing the engine beyond its limits. Think about the costs next time you want to get to your destination in record time.

Watch Your Weight

Heavyweight vehicles typically consume more energy, or fuel, to move. Even if your truck can lug around heavy loads, it’s not doing any favors for the fuel tank. Going past its intended weight limit will have your truck huffing, puffing, and burning through fuel rapidly.

Under Pressure

Low or high tire pressure also harms gas mileage. Checking the quality and pressure of your tires is an important part of any pre-trip inspection. Remember that hot air expands and cold air contracts, which may cause your tire pressure to fluctuate. Because of the temperature variations, winter weather can wreak havoc on your diesel engine’s MPG. Always abide by the manufacturer’s recommendation regarding the PSI for each tire.

Cold Air Intake

While the first three tips for better fuel efficiency mostly involve your driving habits, this tip deals with an aftermarket addition that regulates fuel economy.

Combustion engines can’t work without sufficient airflow. Upgrading your air intake system can prevent your engine from losing power due to inadequate airflow. The cold air intake enhances the engine’s longevity and performance in all weather conditions.

We can’t forget the importance of air filters! Though high-quality air filters are more expensive, the money you save on gas will pay for the upgrade.

Fitted for Aerodynamics

A tried and true strategy for enhancing fuel economy in trucking fleets is eliminating unnecessary drag. Side skirts, vented mud flaps, and drive fenders can improve your ride and reduce wind resistance. By lowering aerodynamic resistance, you could see significantly lower annual savings.

Understanding the best practices for maximizing mileage and saving money on diesel fuel will help your wallet by going to the pump less. Even if you don’t want to make your truck more aerodynamically sound, you can change your driving habits to get more out of every drop of fuel.

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