Exercises You Can Do Without Going to the Gym

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Exercises You Can Do Without Going to the Gym

Many people feel like they need a gym membership to get fit. While the pressure of paying for a gym may convince you to head in more frequently, you can save lots of money and do similar exercises from your home! Read on to learn a few exercises you can do without going to the gym.


People scoff at walking, but that’s ridiculous! For many people, doing more intense exercise isn’t in the cards right now. People unaccustomed to intense workouts can get into the exercise game through walking. If you walk 30 minutes to an hour every day, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier life.

Wall Sitting

Anyone who has tried wall sitting before knows that it’s no joke. There aren’t many exercises in the gym that feel tougher than the last few seconds of a wall-sitting rep! Wall sitting is a type of isometric hold, which is an exercise you do by not moving.

Wall sitting works your calves, quads, and core all at once! All you need to do is press your back to a wall and shift down so that your legs are both at 90-degree angles. Stay in that position for a minute, then rinse and repeat!

Jump Roping

All you need to jump rope is, well, a jump rope. With one piece of equipment, you’ll be able to do an intense exercise regimen. Jump roping is one of the best fat-burning activities out there, so who needs the gym? Start with single-unders (jumps where the rope passes beneath you once).

As soon as you get the hang of it, try getting the rope beneath your feet twice in a single jump! This is an excellent added challenge that’s lots of fun to work on.

Now that you know these exercises you can do without going to the gym, you can save a little money and get excellent results. You won’t miss the gym so much after you exhaust your muscles from jump roping and wall sitting!

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