5 Tips for Walking Your Dog During the Summer

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5 Tips for Walking Your Dog During the Summer

As temperatures get hotter in the summer, you may find them unbearable but don’t think they are any easier for your dog to withstand. Dogs can also experience heatstroke, which can threaten their health. This danger makes staying safe while walking your dog especially important. Keep your favorite canine healthy with these five tips for walking your dog during the summer.

Walk When It Is Cooler

One tip is to walk your dog when the air is cooler. Instead of picking times to walk when the sun is at its peak, go in the early morning or late evening. That will make it easier for you and your dog to walk at a leisurely pace instead of hurrying them along so you can both get out of the heat.

Avoid Hot Surfaces

You should also check the temperature of the surfaces you both will be walking on. Hot asphalt, as well as some kinds of masonry and stone, can be especially hard on your dog’s paws.

You should check it yourself with your bare feet before walking on it. If there comes a day when both the air and ground are too hot for your dog, try taking them to a doggy daycare provider that will allow them to get the exercise they need while staying cool.

Pack Plenty of Water

Another tip for walking your dog during the summer is to keep them hydrated during the warm weather. Don’t rely solely on parks that feature drinking fountains for dogs. Instead, bring water with you and a collapsible bowl to give your pet a drink that will keep them hydrated and cool.

Stay in the Shade

When it is warm in the summer, you often prefer to stay in shady areas, as does your dog. Try to walk in shady spots that will better keep both of you cool as you walk. This approach is especially vital if your dog has a dark coat that will absorb the sun’s heat.

Watch Their Behavior

You can also do your dog a favor by watching them for signs of issues, such as panting too much or looking for areas where they can go in the shade. They may also seem lethargic or display anxiety, which indicates that it’s time to end the walk.

These tips can help make walking in hot weather less of a problem for your dog. Your furry, four-legged friend has shown you plenty of love and loyalty, and you can show yours by looking out for them during these sweltering times.

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