4 Industries That Benefit From Powder Coating

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4 Industries That Benefit From Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process that affixes a dry colored powder onto a surface through a metal charge and a subsequent baking or curing process. The resulting hardened coating resists chipping and corrosion and protects the surface while providing a beautiful appearance. You’ve likely seen powder coating on tools or playground equipment. Here are four industries that benefit from powder coating and how they use it.

Vehicle Manufacturers

You probably sit in a powder-coated device every day without realizing it. In fact, you drive around in it. Cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles all benefit from powder coating on their bodies. Painting vehicles was the norm for many years. But paint chips, flakes, and wears off, allowing rust to form. Powder coating provides a rich and lustrous finish that also protects the vehicle’s body from corrosion and minor damage. It’s especially good at making rain, snow, dirt, mud, and other messy elements slide off and wash away before they can affect the finish. Powder-coated cars last longer too because they protect the car’s inner workings so much better.

Sports and Recreation

As mentioned, playgrounds are places where you can find powder coating on swing sets, slides, monkey bars, and other equipment. Powder coating is for adult recreation as well. It’s possible to treat gym equipment so that it remains protected against scratches, rust, impacts, and other things that can damage the surface. Barbells, dumbbell racks, StairMasters, treadmills, and similar workout equipment can all benefit from powder coating. Bicycles often have a powder-coated finish as well for added outdoor protection.

Appliance Manufacturers

Many everyday products require powder coating, especially appliances. Dryers, washers, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, freezers, and other appliances in constant operation require water or extreme temperature levels to work. Powder coatings protect them from rust, blistering, and other forms of damage. As household devices, appliances also need to be presentable so that they blend in with a home’s décor. Powder coating allows for a panoply of colors, beautifying utilitarian machines.


Here’s the last of our four industries that benefit from powder coating. Architects, construction companies, and others use powder coating to protect facades, ornamentation, and basic things like utility covers and conduits. Powder coating makes them resistant to the sun, weather, water, humidity, and other outside forces that damage or corrode buildings. Even outdoor sculptures can receive powder coating so that their beauty stays preserved for future generations.

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