What To Look For When You’re Improving Lighting in the Home

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What To Look For When You’re Improving Lighting in the Home

Remodeling a home can be a lengthy process, but by gaining some knowledge ahead of time, you can save yourself some time when making important decisions. In the realm of lighting in the home, consider these specific factors to save not only time but also money while improving your home.


When you’re improving the lighting in your home, consider the existing windows. If the bedrooms already have large bay windows, then you might not need larger lighting fixtures. Picking out a larger light fixture that matches the room remodel may be tempting, but the fixture may require more light bulbs than you need for the space. This will affect the electricity bill in its entirety.

If you do decide to purchase new light fixtures, consider using LED light bulbs. They’ll last longer, preventing frequent light bulb changes. Just be sure not to purchase bulbs that are too warm, which is a common mistake to avoid with LEDs. Too-warm lighting with cool window lighting can be off-putting to the eyes.

Electrical Wiring and Mapping

Determine the electrical wiring and mapping of the home before planning lighting installation. If you want to place sconces on either side of a bed, then you may want to have an electrician determine the possibility—some walls simply won’t allow electrical installation for additional lighting. This doesn’t mean you can’t have the lighting you want, but some more steps and finances might be involved.


The placement of outlets can make or break your lighting choices. For example, if you decide to add nightstands on either side of the bed and want some lamps, a lack of nearby outlets can nix this idea. In this case, you may need to place your bed and end tables elsewhere in the room if you want light nearby. They may be small, but outlets play large roles in improving the lighting in the home.

The next time you remodel and consider changing or adding lighting, consider these important factors and plan ahead to avoid any mishaps in your designs.

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