What To Include in a Rent Reminder Notice

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What To Include in a Rent Reminder Notice

Asking for rent payments can feel awkward, but as a landlord, you must be steadfast about receiving complete and timely payments. Fortunately, sending a rent reminder notice, whether through text, email, or traditional mail, is an easy way to ask for rent without having to do it face-to-face. If you want to learn how to write a friendly and effective notification, let’s take a look at what you should include in a rent reminder notice.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Whenever you send a letter or digital message, you have to remember that the tone of the message is entirely up to the reader’s interpretation. This means it’s easy for a tenant to read your message as rude or worry that they’ve done something wrong. Letting your tenants know that you intend to send monthly or late rent notices on their lease agreement can help circumvent any negative connotations. It’s also essential to keep the message short and sweet. The easier and more concise you make the notice, the harder it is for misinterpretations to occur, and the more likely the tenant is to read the entire letter.

Provide the Right Information

Writing a rent reminder notice should be easy; all you need to include is the correct information. Let the tenant know the date rent is due and the amount owed. If there are any late fee policies, payment instructions, or alternative forms of payment, include that in the notice as well. Remember that when you’re drafting your late fee and grace period policies, you must first write them in the lease agreement before you can include them on the rent reminder notice. If not, the tenant is not obliged to abide by them.

Finally, provide your contact information and make it easy for tenants to get ahold of you if they have any questions or need to inform you that rent may be late. The easier you make it to pay rent and get in touch with you, the more likely you will get paid on time and stay on the same page as your tenants.

How To Format Your Message

Below is a basic template you can use and change to fit your business style. If you choose to send a notice through text, shorten the notification or provide a link to this letter instead!

[Date Sent]

Dear [Tenant Name(s)]
This is simply a gentle reminder that your rent payment for [Month] is due [Due Date] with an amount of [Total Rent Cost]. You can pay by [Payment Options and Instructions].

If your rent payment is not sent in by [Due Date], you’ll have a grace period of [Time Allotment]. However, if rent is still not sent in by this time, you will be charged a late fee of [Late Fee Amount].

If you are having trouble making the payment or cannot pay on time, please reach out to me at [Contact Information] so we can discuss alternative payment options or a payment plan.
Thank you for being a wonderful tenant.

[Your Name]

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