Ways To Save Money on Your Playground Installation

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Playgrounds are an excellent way to keep kids active and having fun throughout the year. Whether it’s a community playground or a smaller setup in your backyard, limiting overhead costs is essential to ensure the equipment lasts as long as possible.

Playground installation, repairs, and replacements can get expensive quickly. Here are a few ways to save money on your playground installation.

Set a Budget

The first thing you’ll need to do before installing a playground is consider your budget and available resources. The amount of space you have and the money available to invest in equipment will directly affect the entire project.

The costs for equipment can vary significantly depending on the age range of kids you expect to use it, as well as the number of pieces you want to have available. Budgeting for your playground equipment will ensure you purchase everything you need without overspending on unnecessary components.

Add a Border

If you’re working with a strict budget, you can take the opportunity to add some items that will reduce the overall cost of maintenance. A playground border helps define the boundaries of the space and keeps debris from finding its way into the play area.

There are many reasons why playground borders mean less maintenance. Primarily, they’re a cost-effective solution for improving safety and reducing the work required to keep the playground clean. If you use fill surfacing, a border will help keep the material inside, reducing the amount that needs to be replaced over time.

Use Affordable Surfacing

Speaking of playground surfacing, finding a cost-effective and safe material will help you save money on your playground installation. Surfacing such as wood chips, mulch, and sand offer good protection but must be replaced more often due to spreading out quickly with constant use.

Synthetic turf and rubber will last longer but require a more significant up-front investment. Choosing a surfacing option that fits both your budget and safety requirements is essential for creating an affordable playground that will last.

Consider Who Will Use the Playground

Playgrounds are excellent fun for kids of all ages, but certain setups may require additional safety features for younger users. Knowing who will use the equipment will help you decide how to customize your playground and where to prioritize your spending.

With so many ways to save money on your playground installation, there’s no reason not to get started today!

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