Ways To Keep the Interior of Your Work Car Clean

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Truck drivers, construction, landscapers, plumbers, and other heavy-duty workers often use their car or truck as a work vehicle. If you are one of these workers, you are most likely familiar with the struggle to keep your car clean. There are a few ways to keep the interior of your work car clean.   

Add a Trash Can  

It’s easy to let trash build up in your car from job site to job site. A plastic bag or a plastic container can double as a trash can or you can purchase a small trash can that always stays in your car. Either way, these options make it easier to throw away any leftover lunch items or old, unnecessary supplies that can typically build up in your back seat.   

Use Seat Covers  

If you’ve been working at a dirty job site all day, it will reflect on your car seats. Using seat covers will keep your interior clean of any work debris and protect your seats from any accidental spills of your morning coffee. Invest in car seat covers to keep your car seats looking brand-new, among the many other benefits of custom seat covers.   

Always Have Wet Wipes  

Put a container of wet wipes in your car to clean up any mess at a moment’s notice. For example, drywall tools often have wet drywall stuck to them which can stick and dry to your car’s interior when packing up for the day. Wipe down your tools or any mess they make in your car right away to keep stains at bay and avoid having harsh materials dry on your car’s interior.   

Use a Cup Holder Liner  

Cup holders are a great place for dirt to build up over time. Spills and drips can make your cup holder sticky, making it an undesirable place to put your drink or store any other items. Put a liner in your cup holder that is easily removable so that you can clean the mess out of your cupholders.   

Keeping your car clean when working at messy job sites can be a hassle. Adding a trash can, seat covers, and a cup holder liner and using wet wipes can be useful ways to keep the interior of your work car clean.   

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