Vertical Lifts vs. Wheelchair Ramps: Which Is Best?

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Adjusting to life in a wheelchair is complicated. Relearning how to make everyday life accessible with limited mobility is often incredibly frustrating. That’s why installing mobility equipment in your home to make your routine more comfortable and convenient is so crucial.

But which mobility equipment should you choose? Many caretakers struggle to pick between vertical lifts and wheelchairs ramps when deciding what mobility equipment to install around their home.

This article will discuss the differences between vertical lifts vs. wheelchair ramps and share which is best. To learn more, continue reading.

Vertical Lifts

There are two main types of vertical lifts: platform lifts and carrier lifts. Platform lifts help wheelchair users access the entrance of buildings, whereas carrier lifts attach to vehicles. However, both types of vertical lifts have several advantages to make independence for wheelchair users easier and more accessible.

For example, vertical lifts take up considerably less space compared to ramps. Therefore, depending on the type of home and the amount of available space you have, a vertical lift could be easier to install.

Wheelchair Ramps

While wheelchair ramps may take up more space and may take more considerations for installing in your home, evidence also shows that this equipment is often safer to use. While vertical lifts come with features that protect the equipment from inclement weather, technical issues are always possible. For those who use wheelchairs and live alone, these technical difficulties can quickly become isolating and dangerous.

However, ramps have less protection from snow, ice, and cold weather. Inclement weather could also affect the safety of ramps.

How To Choose Between a Vertical Lift and Wheelchair Ramp

Both wheelchair ramps and vertical lifts are quality home mobility aids that will give wheelchair users greater independence. However, deciding between vertical lifts vs. wheelchair ramps and choosing which is the best is a matter of circumstance.

Those who live alone on larger properties will likely prefer the independence of wheelchair ramps. However, senior wheelchair users or those who have ample installation space will likely be more comfortable using a vertical lift.

Living independently, comfortably, and confidently in a wheelchair is possible. Review these features on ramps and lifts to decide what mobility equipment will be the best fit for your needs.

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