Top Things To Do Before Selling Your House

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The time has come to say goodbye to one home so that you can say hello to another! Before you pack up your things and put your house on the market, ensure the home is ready to sell. Buyers are picky for the right reasons, and the slightest flaw could work against you. As you begin making your list of the top things to do before selling your house, make a special note to perform a deep cleaning, do some refurbishing, and work on landscaping.

Deep Clean

Before you begin welcoming potential homeowners into your house as it goes up on the market, give it a deep clean. Make sure all carpets get a proper scrubbing and that the windows sparkle. While these things may seem insignificant, they’re factors that home shoppers look for, and if your house is dirty, it’s undesirable.

Moreover, keep the area clear of clutter—don’t leave your closets packed with clothes. The garage shouldn’t remain a storage place for miscellaneous furniture; donate what you don’t need to get the house ready for staging. Store away personal objects so that buyers can see their potential home—not your old one.

Refurbish Where Necessary

Another of the top things to do before selling your house is to complete any necessary projects that improve your property value. These tasks may range from redoing an out-of-date kitchen to repainting the walls for a clean interior.

As you evaluate what’s inside your home, make sure you look at your appliances. If one no longer works perfectly or has surface damage, it’s time to replace it. Buyers will examine all appliances, and if one isn’t in great condition, they’ll look for a discount or move on to other homes.

Have a Grand Exterior

Make sure the outside of your home has excellent curb appeal. If your fence or garage door looks run-down or dirty, buyers will notice it and add it to a mental list of cons. Show buyers that your home is best by power washing the house and repainting the fence.

Additionally, look for places to add greenery to the landscaping or splashes of natural color. A beautiful flowerpot on the porch makes visitors feel welcome. The strategic placement of flowers or other shrubberies also gives buyers a preview of what they could create if they purchase your home.

Begin Staging

Once your home is beautiful inside and out, start staging it to potential buyers, as this displays all your hard work to its best advantage. When you begin staging your home, keep in mind that you should:

  • Use plenty of light
  • Keep the AC/heater on
  • Do a final walkthrough

While you’ll have cleared the home of clutter during your deep clean, you may have valuables out, so store these away to prevent theft. Once you’ve checked off this final step, it’s time to open your doors to potential buyers!

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