Top Construction Site Safety Tips

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Once a construction site is set up and ready to go with all safety precautions put into place, there is still the need for safety checks. Machinery and equipment can break down or need upkeep to work properly. Further, electrical and fire hazards can change each day, as the continued progress at the site requires constant monitoring. Keep employees safe with these top construction site safety tips.

Staying Safe While off the Ground

One of the number one risks at a construction site is injury due to working at a dangerous height. Heights are often unavoidable when building vertically, but workers can safely manage this task by properly maintaining equipment.

Professionals must regularly assess manlifts and hoists and repair or replace them as needed. Furthermore, it’s important to replace ladders that are too old or not well balanced. Additionally, don’t allow ladders, scaffolding, or lifts to become overloaded and ensure you adhere to weight limits.

Safety harnesses should be readily available, in top shape, and always ready for use. A slip of the foot can happen in an instant, and a harness can mean the difference between life and death.

Encourage employees to work together and keep an eye on each other when working off the ground.

Wear PPE

Personal protective equipment keeps construction workers safe. It shouldn’t be an option but a requirement. Safety glasses, hard hats, gloves, and shoes are a few common pieces of PPE that employees should wear on a daily basis to stay safe.

PPE can change as the specific job changes. Employees should stay well educated on what they need to stay safe for each position.

Electrical and Fire Safety

Sadly, electrocution is a common risk and cause of death on the construction site. As such, it is very important to understand electrical construction site safety tips.

You should regularly check all extension cords to make sure they can handle the power they are being connected to and are not in damp areas.

Additionally, power lines must be grounded and anyone in the area should avoid them. When not in use, equipment should be de-energized to avoid serious electrical injury.

Workers should also make sure they properly store and handle chemicals to avoid injury, fire, or explosion.

Keeping the construction site safe for employees and the surrounding communities will result in a satisfactory timeline for the project, happy employees, and a happy community.

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