Top 3 Ways Aerating Soil Benefits Your Lawn

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Top 3 Ways Aerating Soil Benefits Your Lawn

Aeration might be just the thing your struggling lawn needs to thrive. Core aeration is the process of punching small holes into the ground and removing soil and grass.

The holes don’t make your lawn look strange. In fact, aerating your soil can improve the health of the soil and the grass. Learn the top three ways aerating soil benefits your lawn.

Loosens Compacted Soil

Compacted soil, as it sounds, is tightly compressed soil. It can be caused by heavy foot traffic, trampling, and compression from a heavy object, such as machinery.

Compacted soil inhibits grass from developing a healthy, deep root system. And because the soil is so tightly packed together, it’s difficult for water to filter into the ground. Aeration loosens compacted soil by removing some of the soil and creating space.

Improves Circulation

Loosening the soil also improves the circulation of oxygen and water around plant roots. Plant roots and beneficial microbes and organisms need oxygen for survival. When grass and other plants can properly take in the nutrients they need, they flourish.

Support your plants’ healthy root systems by improving the circulation of oxygen in the soil. Roots use oxygen between soil particles to break down sugars and produce energy for growth. This is one reason why aerating compacted soil is one of several easy ways to improve your lawn and keep it healthy.

Reduces Water Problems

Another way aerating soil benefits your lawn is that it reduces puddling and water runoff. After rain, snow melting, or watering your lawn, have you noticed water standing in or flowing off the lawn? If you haven’t had excessive rain and follow proper watering practices for the lawn, water should soak into the ground.

Standing water is more than an eyesore; it can create an unhealthy environment. One of the most common problems of standing water is that it’s a breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry diseases. Aerate your lawn so that the soil can absorb the water and refresh your grass instead of pests.

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