Tips for Preventing Shipping Damage to Your Products

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Businesses rely on their supply chains to deliver products safely and securely. When stores or customers receive dented, shattered, or leaking goods, your business loses profits and trust. Reliable shipping is the key to establishing great relationships with customers. Unfortunately, you can’t control every step of your supply chain. How do you ensure your products reach their destinations safely? Start with these tips for preventing shipping damage to your products.

Carefully Consider Packaging Materials

If customers are reporting crushed, bent, or otherwise damaged products, the first thing to do is review your packaging materials. Ensure fragile items have protective wrappings and minimal empty space in their containers. Also, use heavy-duty packages that can withstand the weight of your large products. Consider the size of your container and the type of cushioning material you use. Furthermore, account for special precautions, such as water-tight seals or fragile labels.

Pack Cases Properly

While the type of case or packaging you use is important, you also need to pay attention to how you pack your cases. Secure, uniform packaging can eliminate mistakes and help ensure products arrive in great shape. Investing in the right type of case packer will help speed up your packaging line and create shipping cases that protect your product throughout the supply chain.

Be Smart About Pallet Loads

If you’re shipping multiple cases or units, using pallet loads is a convenient way to stack and transport your goods. However, pallets put lots of products in a single space, making it easier for units to tip and crash into each other as they travel. One of the most important tips for preventing shipping damage to your products is to be smart about how you load and wrap your pallet. Rely on dependable supply chain partners and technology to ensure proper containment force and other pallet wrap specifications.

Test and Collect Shipment Data

If you experience problems with shipping, use the damage reports to analyze data and see where you need to make improvements. Does the damage occur during loading or unloading? Is the problem with your cases, pallets, or something else? It’s also a good idea to run tests or hire a packaging company to run tests. This way, you can see where your problem is and how you can fix it.

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