Tips for Preparing Your Yard Landscape for the Spring

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Tips for Preparing Your Yard Landscape for the Spring

As we enter the last stretch of winter, we can see longer days and shorter nights on the horizon. Springtime is near, and it couldn’t come quick enough. Say goodbye to bundling and layering up, and say hello to spending time basking in the sun or having a day at the lake. Spring also means it’s time to start manicuring your lawn, planting new seeds, and getting ready for the hot summer.

Need help figuring out where to start or what to do? No worries! Here are four tips for preparing your yard landscape for spring.

Start Your Spring Cleaning Outside

Cleaning up debris, like leaves, twigs, and branches, is one of the first things you must do to prepare your yard for the incoming season. This task may seem tedious if you haven’t cleaned your yard in a while. However, it’s essential to the survival of the grass underfoot. Clearing the debris is the first step to having a gorgeous, green, and lush landscape.

A few extra hands will help you move more quickly. This is also the time to pull weeds, add fertilizer, and examine the trees around your yard. Look for dead or hanging tree branches and remove them immediately to get your yard in its best shape.

Refresh the Mulch

Adding mulching to your landscape upgrades it to the next level. The contrast between the grass and the mulch complements the space and controls the moisture absorption by the plants. Mulch also prevents weeds from growing, so it’s important to remove the old and apply the new. Keeping the same mulch for a long time will eventually lead to decomposition and no longer protect your plants.

Upgrade Your Space

It’s a new season; it’s time for a new look. One of the most important tips for preparing your landscape for the spring is to upgrade your yard space. This is the perfect time for small upgrades to your yard, like a new patio set, decorative vases, or a fire pit! You won’t get bored in your backyard and let all your hard work go to waste.

Many homeowners love to add patio pavers to their landscapes to separate the sitting areas from the greenery. However, some are opposed to it because they think it may be too time consuming. Fortunately, common patio paver patterns are easy to install. These small upgrades change the overall feel of an outdoor space and can positively transform a home’s value.

Add the Finishing Touches

You’re not done until you’ve added the finishing touches to your yard: making the planting beds neat, inspecting your irrigation systems, and edging your grass. You want your landscape to look picture-perfect when the weather begins to heat up, so it’s important to remember these final steps. Inspecting these last-minute elements means you won’t have to work so hard the next time your home is due for yard maintenance.

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