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Tips for Improving Efficiency in Your Packaging Company

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As we head into the holiday season, many warehouses find themselves with their hands tied as they try to meet shipping demands while also maintaining the proper process for efficient packaging. Many companies are preparing for a busy remainder of the year, and your company can survive by following our tips for improving efficiency in your packaging company.

Set Up Better Packing Stations

The one issue that many warehouses have in common is disorganized packing stations. Having an unorganized space can lead to potential damage to the items when shipped. So, down the line, we want to ensure that our packing is adequate and can protect an item during shipping.

The best way to set up your station is to split up shelf spaces to accommodate different tasks, such as picking the right package size, organizing packing tape, and filling space using bubble wrap and scrap paper.

Pay Attention To Carton Size

Many companies get away with shipping in large boxes. Unfortunately, this causes the item to move a lot during transporting and even increases the chance for damage. So, when picking a suitable carton, ensure that it’s not too big or too small.

To decide on an appropriate shipping box to use, many companies use computers installed with WMS systems that can measure the dimensions needed and how much the item weighs. By using a program like WMS, we can reduce waste by using fewer fillers, lower transportation costs, and ensure better protection for products.

Recycle Your Packaging

When looking for ways to be resourceful, listening to what customers want less of in their packaging is highly valuable. For example, many customers might voice their opinions on the amount of plastic used. Take their feedback and apply it while improving your process.

One process to consider is sending out surveys to customers. Even if there isn’t anything wrong with the product a customer receives, it’s essential to listen to what they have to say when there’s an issue with the packaging itself. For example, if there’s too much wrapping, your customer may become concerned that your company isn’t being environmentally conscious.

Another thing to consider implementing is reverse logistics, which tracks returns. You can keep the packaging that returned items come in and reuse it in the future.

As of now, recycling materials and using less filling material when possible is a high standard that many companies need to practice. However, as demand increases for products, we need to be mindful of packaging shipments.

Many warehouses have shipments ready to go, but an essential thing to consider is how your company plans on shipping the products. What is the organization like, and what does the company reuse? As you follow our tips for improving efficiency in your packaging company, go over your entire process and ensure every item is ready to ship according to your business standards.

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