May 20, 2022

Tips for Creating a Home Library

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Rooms devoted to specific uses aren’t uncommon in people’s houses. You might find an office or an entertainment room. But for a book-lover, a library is the best use of space beyond all others. It can serve as a place of study and relaxation, and it provides organization for the countless books you’ve collected over the years. If you’re planning on creating a library yourself, use these tips for creating a home library to guide you.

Choose a Bookshelf

When you’re creating your home library, the bookshelf should naturally be one of the primary draws of the room. It’s therefore important to find one that almost or entirely fills up the wall it’s on. A popular choice among many people is the floor-to-ceiling style of bookshelf, which allows you to engulf the room with your prized printed works. Think about the dimensions of the room and how best to fill it. If your space is wider than it is tall, you may want to find multiple shelves that span a large horizontal length rather than a single towering one. You also have the option of building your directly bookshelf into the wall and tailor-making it for your room.

Plan the Lighting

Beside storage, you also need proper illumination in the room for reading. Make sure you have one or more sizeable windows that let in ample amounts of sunlight during the day. On top of making your reading experience better, this will warm up the room and prevent it from looking like the decrepit archive of an old recluse. For nighttime and cloudy days, arrange the lights for both practicality and visual appeal. Use ceiling and wall lights that brighten the room overall, supplementing them with smaller, more focused lamps and pendant lights near seating areas.

Decorate Cohesively

It’s easy to overlook, but the way you decorate your library is significant as well. You want to make it comfortable and inviting so that it’s a room where you can relax. For this reason, you should come up with a decorating theme around which to centralize your home library. Perhaps you want to emphasize a traditional feeling by including furniture made of dark wood and leather chairs. You could also choose a modern style that promotes spaciousness with simple, straight shelves surrounding a clean white desk and a smooth, fabric-covered chair. You could also incorporate an area rug to match the decorating theme that you choose to complete the look and increase the coziness.

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