Things You Need to Keep Clean This Winter

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To have a comfortable home in the winter, there are certain areas you should be particularly careful to make immaculate. Here are things you need to keep clean this winter.


Leaving the gutters alone through the fall and winter is not a good idea. When they become backed up with leaves, sticks, and other debris, water can’t travel through them as readily. As the temperatures drop and water on your roof freezes, it becomes trapped in place with no path to trickle down. Over time, the ice can cause stress damage to the roof and leak inside the home as it melts. Leaves may also degrade the metal and contribute to roof rotting. Cleaning out your gutters before any of these things occur will, therefore, save you from worse maintenance duties down the line.


Since the winter means less daylight and a colder climate, you should clean your windows before it fully sets in. If you use a liquid cleaning solution, it can freeze while on the window if the outside air is too cool, so it’s much easier to polish the surface when it is a bit warmer. Make your windows spotless to let in as much natural illumination as possible in anticipation of the harsher months ahead. As such, these parts of your home will serve their purpose on clear and cloudy days alike.

Air Ducts

No doubt, you’ll want to seal off your home’s interior from outside forces and keep it nice and cozy. Air ducts play a crucial part in this since they are the system by which your heating functions. Plus, they can affect air quality based on whether they have particles they are blowing out. As a result, it is highly important you keep your ducts clean and free of dirt and dust. You don’t want your heating running inefficiently or spreading unhealthy chemical debris around your home. For this one, it’s also probably best you hire a professional, since it involves going into less-accessible spaces.

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