May 19, 2022

Things Moms Forget To Include in Birth Plans

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A birth plan is a document that expectant mothers can create during pregnancy to specify their preferences for labor and delivery. You can include the procedures and medications you want, and you can also ask for a certain atmosphere in the delivery room. With so many details to consider, though, you might miss some particulars. The following are things moms forget to include in birth plans—remember these as you create your plan.

Emphasizing Skin-To-Skin Contact

After the birth of your baby, it’s standard for doctors to give you a chance to hold them. However, they’ll soon take your baby away to perform necessary tests. While you can’t opt out of these because they are critical in determining the health of your child, you can emphasize skin-to-skin contact in your birth plan. For some medical checks, your doctor may allow you to continue holding your baby. By letting them know your wishes, you can maximize the time you spend with your newborn immediately following their birth.

Specifying Who You Want Present

Your birth plan is also where you can specify who you want present in the room during labor and delivery. Reflect on whether you would like to have many people in your family there with you. Perhaps you only want your spouse for support. Consider whether there’s someone you don’t want to be there. Some mothers enjoy lots of visitors, while others want quiet since they know they’ll be exhausted.

Asking for Cord Blood Collection

Cord blood collection is an easy thing for moms to forget to include in birth plans. Doctors can save blood from the umbilical cord following your child’s birth so you can preserve the blood in a cord blood bank. Many people choose to do this because cord blood contains stem cells that can treat blood diseases if they appear in your children in the future. If you decide to use a cord blood bank, you should talk with your doctor and write a reminder for cord blood collection in your birth plan.

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