Signs Your Motorcycle Needs an Oil Change

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It’s one thing to check your engine oil level consistently—it’s another to change it regularly! However, this often-overlooked aspect of motorcycle care is essential in ensuring that your engine stays in peak condition. Read on to learn some signs your motorcycle needs an oil change so you can keep your internal components lubricated and cool.

Black and Gritty Oil

Many motorcycles, like cars, have a dipstick to check your oil level. Others have a small window you can look through to see how much oil you have. Whichever your bike uses, first examine the oil itself. Fresh oil is see-through and has an amber or light-brown hue. Over time, the oil thickens and turns black in color.

You can check the thickness of the oil by putting some of it on your finger. If you feel grit or particles as you rub the oil with another finger, you need an oil change. Darker brown oil isn’t always a warning sign, but you should make sure to change it when you see that it’s black.

Louder Engine

A louder engine is an excellent way for a motorcycle owner to instantly know that something is off. When you fire up your bike and it sounds louder than usual, check your oil. Since oil’s main job is to give a protective layer to metallic bike components, a lack of oil can trigger metal-on-metal sounds.

Consistently Low Oil Level

Dashboard warning lights are the true final sign, but we thought that was too obvious to warrant its own section. Instead, if you notice a consistently low oil level, something is wrong.

When you top off your oil, take your bike for a spin, and notice that the oil level dropped again, that’s usually a sign that your oil has lost some of the properties that make it function efficiently. This causes your engine to use more oil than it’s supposed to as a way to overcompensate.

Whether you need aftermarket upgrades or materials for regular maintenance, there are several online options that can get you what you need.

Now that you know the signs your motorcycle needs an oil change, keep an eye out and make the change before you damage your bike.

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