Setting Good Habits: Household Chores Kids Can Help With

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Before the kids fall back into their school routine (even though it’ll look a little different this year), help them get into the habit of following through with chores. With all of you spending more time at home, working together on everything from chores to meals to communication is essential. Have the kids help out so that you don’t have all the stress and responsibilities on your shoulders. When it comes to chores, take a look at these household chores kids can help with—start them on it as soon as possible so they can make it a habit!

Cleaning Up After Meals

One of the easiest ways that kids can help out around the house is by cleaning up after meals. They may not feel inclined to help out after dinner, but it’s important that they do so since it will help them build habits. Again, this plays into the idea that everyone is helping out around the house—if you made the meals, then the kids can clear the table after the meal.

Tidying-Up Their Room

Another of the simplest household chores kids can help with is to keep their room tidy. Encourage the idea that a tidy space makes a tidy mind—living in clutter can increase stress and anxiety. Help them organize their toys and make their bed, and then, once they’re more independent, let them do it themselves. You could even make it a point of their weekly chore schedule!

Folding Laundry

You may not want them starting loads of laundry, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help fold it. Again, that will depend on the age of your kids, but either way, they can help lessen your laundry load. Younger children can fold small clothes like socks, undergarments, and hand towels. Even these small tasks can help them feel involved.

Organize Their Play Space

Don’t let them let their play area become a big mess. Every time the kids play with their toys, make sure they clean up after themselves. Their play space should stay organized after they play. Don’t let them fall into the trap excuse of, “I was still playing!” If they walk away from the toys, then those toys need to go away before they start their next activity.

Putting Away Groceries

If they’re not helping you go grocery shopping, they can at least help you put things away. Though younger children may need a bit of supervision, they can still contribute. Most kids know where stuff should go in the kitchen, and that’s what makes this household chore so simple!

If you feel like it’s getting difficult to motivate your kids to clean, follow these cleaning hacks to help motivate them to clean! The skills they learn will follow them throughout their lives!

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