Reasons to Switch To LED Headlights

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Looking for improvements to make to your vehicle? Try LEDs. If you’re driving a car, SUV, or light truck that hasn’t made the change to LEDs, learn some reasons to switch to LED headlights and make some aftermarket improvements to your vehicle.

Lots More Lumens

When it comes to comparing LEDs with factory-standard halogen lights, it’s all about the lumens—the measurement unit of visible light. Light-emitting diodes emit far more visible light than their halogen counterparts, to the tune of up to nearly four times the lumens on some high-powered LED models. If you do a lot of driving at night, maximizing your car’s illumination could be what prevents a collision with a guardrail, an animal, or another vehicle.

Energy Efficiency

LEDs are something of a scientific miracle. The amount of light they generate is far greater than the amount of energy they consume. Rather than simply admiring this feat of engineering, put it to use with energy-saving LED lamps in your car or truck. Not only will you get more illumination from them, but they’ll use less energy, and with the price of gas prone to steep climbs, every penny counts.


Headlights burn out. Your blood pressure can go through the roof when you find yourself being pulled over, only to find out it’s just a friendly warning to get your headlight or taillight fixed. LED lamps can offer nearly seven times the lifespan of halogen equivalents, making them a lasting investment.

Driving Safely off the Grid

Are you a fan of off-roading? By now, you’ve probably learned the hard way that it’s not always a romp through the desert sands under a clear blue sky. When weather conditions are bad, off-roaders benefit from certain enhancements to take on whatever Mother Nature throws at them. Increasing visibility with brighter lights is on any Jeep owner’s list of improvements.

Cooler Colors

We mean this in both senses of the word. Halogen lamps often have a yellowish cast, which doesn’t always make for effective illumination. Another one of our reasons to switch to LED headlights is that LEDs tend toward a cooler white, which is closer to natural light and thus more effective. If you want to get creative while staying street legal, you can even incorporate custom colors like blue or green. Now that’s cool.

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