Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Fairings You Need To Know

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It isn’t easy to choose whether to equip your bike with fairings. While they look great and offer some excellent advantages, you might wonder what the drawbacks are. We can help you decide if fairings are right for you with this need-to-knowlist of the pros and cons of motorcycle fairings.

Better Aerodynamics

The first advantage that fairings give you over a naked bike is improved aerodynamics. Fairings help reduce air drag on your bike and add downforce. All this leads to better traction on the road and an ability to maintain speed easily. Fairings also contribute to more efficient fuel consumption because your bike won’t need to work as hard to keep its speed on the highway.

Tougher Maintenance and Care

A naked bike has one benefit you can’t overlook: you can easily access essential components without removing anything from the exterior. When your motorcycle has fairings, you’re adding an extra step to every maintenance task. While it may not seem like too much of an inconvenience, the time will start to add up if you regularly work on your bike.

Reduced Buffeting

If you’ve ever ridden a naked motorcycle on the highway, you know how much wind buffeting exhausts you on a long ride. Depending on the fairings you purchase and install, you can significantly reduce wind buffeting, which is essential for long-distance trips. You can pair fairings with a windshield to experience the greatest benefits and enjoy longer rides without getting tired.

Expensive To Replace

Purchasing a complete set of fairings can feel like quite an investment, so any drops or accidents will result in a pricey replacement. Fairings can get scratched easily, so even a drop from a standstill can cause damage. However, it’s important to remember that fairings can protect the inside of your bike in an accident, which can save you from needing to replace costly inner components.

Now that you understand the pros and cons of motorcycle fairings you need to know, decide for yourself whether the protection, aerodynamics, and sleek look of the bodywork are worth a few tradeoffs.

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