May 25, 2022

Popular Hardwood Flooring Species for Your Home

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If you’re interested in installing hardwood flooring in your home, you’re in luck. There are countless different types of hardwood flooring options to choose from. As such, you’re sure to find one that has the specific appearance, durability, and price you’re after. However, having so many options can become overwhelming. To narrow down your search, take a look at some of the most popular hardwood flooring species for your home.


Pecan is a hardwood species native to the United States. It has light- to medium-brown coloring with hue variations ranging from red, orange, cream, and light gray. However, because pecan hardwood stains well, you can purchase it in practically any shade. Pecan also takes a finish well, but the unique swirl of fine, dark streaks across the pale wood can create an intriguing appearance that lends itself to a pleasing natural finish.

The grain of pecan flooring is generally straight, and it has a medium texture with a low natural luster. Among the hardest and strongest domestic wood species, pecan boasts a high Janka hardness rating of 1820 and an average dimensional stability of 8.9, which makes it ideal for high-traffic zones.

White oak

White oak is among one of the most popular hardwood flooring species for your home. Admired for its stunning uniform appearance, it features an abundance of fine mineral streaks and closely positioned growth rings. Often found in homes with modern or contemporary design styles, the wood features gray undertones that vary minimally in color to produce a smooth and consistent appearance.

In addition to being aesthetically appealing, white oak is also a practical flooring option. With a relatively high Janka hardness rating of 1360, white oak is resistant to dents and scratches. If a scratch does occur, the textured grain of white oak flooring hides the appearance of imperfections.


For flooring that features deep, chocolatey tones, nothing beats walnut. The rich coloring and large, straight grain patterns of walnut flooring gives any home a sophisticated and elegant appearance that makes a statement.

However, with a lower Janka rating of 1010, walnut flooring is best suited for areas of the home that experience medium to light traffic. Installing walnut hardwood flooring in entryways or kitchens could cause it to appear worn after a few years. If you have pets, opting for a more durable species may be best.

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