Park Maintenance Checklist for the Spring

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Park Maintenance Checklist for the Spring

Spring is just around the corner, which means there are many great outdoor activities to consider. Families want to enjoy the warmer weather and what better way to do that than spending a day at one of Crockett County’s beautiful parks? Before people break out the picnic baskets and frisbees, it’s important to remember a few things from this park maintenance checklist for the spring.

Fulfilling Landscaping Duties

No one wants to run around a park with overgrown grass or weeds cluttering things. Park maintenance needs to focus on keeping things in order. Evenly cut green grass growing from properly maintained soil is the key to keeping your park looking healthy and inviting for folks of all ages.

For a project as large as a park, a regular mower may not be up to the task. Maintenance teams should look into a specialized brush cutter to minimize complications. Keeping your park landscaped helps you avoid issues like weeds and keep an eye out for pests like fire ants.

Prepare Flowers for the Upcoming Seasons

Tennessee is home to some breathtaking flowers, and it’s always good to keep track of when these flowers will come into bloom. Throughout spring, park visitors can look forward to seeing hyacinths, Nashville gladecress, and Virginia bluebells in bloom. Maintaining a healthy and vibrant selection of flowers from season to season will keep visitors happy.

Take Care of All Amenities

Whether your park has playground equipment, barbeque grills, or benches for people taking a load off, taking care of these amenities is a vital part of park maintenance. Proper care of the things your visitors have access to will keep your park looking new and inviting. Ensure you give a fresh coat of paint to anything that needs it. Remember to also have plentiful access to trash receptacles and recycling bins to cut down on litterbugs.

These are a few key steps to keep in mind when going over your park maintenance checklist for the spring. Crockett County’s parks have so much to offer locals and visitors alike, and by following these steps, you ensure their springtime memories will be happy ones.

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