More Fun, Fewer Bills: Ways to Save Money on A/C this Summer

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Though it isn’t quite summertime yet, it’s only a matter of time before the temperatures rise past what we find comfortable. When they do, it’s up to our air conditioning units to control our indoor climate and keep us safe from the extreme heat. But, since our A/C systems can be less than energy-efficient, it’s also important that we think about how to protect ourselves financially during this time. If you want to keep your budget intact without being miserable, try a few of these ways to save money on A/C this summer.

Reconsider Your Thermostat Placement

Have you ever heard the air conditioning kick on, even when the home seems to be at a tolerable temperature? Well, that might be a sign that your thermostat is placed too close to an outer wall. If this unit is positioned too close to the source of the heat, such as an exterior window, it could have a tendency to activate unnecessarily. This can lead to you spending more than you need to in the long run on your energy bills. As such, you’ll want to reinstall it closer to the center of the house, so it can get a more accurate temperature reading.

Run Fans Throughout the House

Not every A/C system layout is as effective as it should be at evenly distributing the cooled air throughout your home. You may even notice various patches of space where it hasn’t reached at all. However, you can easily and affordably fix this problem by running your ceiling and box fans in certain rooms. The fans will help better circulate the air to harder to reach areas of the house, so you don’t feel like you need to adjust the temperature. Fans can effectively save you money on A/C this summer, while still keeping everyone comfortable.

Install Exterior Window Shutters

Installing a new set of exterior shutters on your home isn’t just a great design choice—it’s also one of the best ways to further insulate your window areas and make them more energy-efficient. They also offer a series of additional benefits for your home year-round, such as increased privacy, design, and overall window protection. Other window treatments, such as blinds and curtains, can also be effective at keeping out unwanted heat and trapping cool air indoors.

Limit Your Use of the Stove

Using interior home appliances that produce heat can also, unfortunately, impact the effectiveness of your A/C and lead to you continuously adjusting the temperature. So, one of the best ways to avoid this is by cutting back on how often you turn these items on. While it’s impossible to go the entire summer without using the stovetop or oven, slight changes in your lifestyle can make a world of a difference on your next bill.

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