Materials You Can Use To Build Your Own Art Studio

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If your home doesn’t have the space you need or you simply need a discrete refuge from your home to do your work, you need a dedicated art studio. One option is to rent space, but that’s rarely the best option. If you own property with ample space, the far superior choice is to construct a studio space of your own. Here are three materials you can use to build your own art studio so that you can create great art in your own space.

Build From Scratch

Artists create. That’s why it’s only natural to want to create a studio from nothing. Make lumber and concrete your medium as you design and build a completely bespoke art studio. While performing this extensive labor can be time-consuming and exacting work, you may find that it ultimately pays off—spiritually and financially. With the proper permits from your municipality, you may even be able to build your studio not as a freestanding unit, but as a proper addition to your house, adding long-lasting value to your real estate.

Extra-Large Storage Shed

We live in a very consumer-oriented world. Maybe this is a theme that manifests itself in your own art. Virtually everything that could be for sale is for sale, and while it’s easy to be cynical about a plastic, ready-made world, sometimes, we need to make our peace with that and make use of the simplest options. Buying a storage shed that features enough space to work in will let you get back to creating as quickly as possible and shouldn’t require a permit from your local government. Some companies even offer purpose-built prefabricated structures that already feature modifications and accommodations that make a shed the perfect studio. If you’re not interested in this phase of the process and want to cut right to the chase of making art in your own space, this could be the ideal choice. Just be prepared to pay a premium for the steps you’ll save.

Used Shipping Container

If neither buying your own building materials nor buying a prefab structure appeals to your artistic sensibilities, why not try to synthesize the best of both worlds? One of the best materials you can use to build your own art studio is a pre-owned steel intermodal shipping container. After containers have completed their tours of duty carrying cargo across highways and oceans, new cargo-worthy containers take their place and leave old ones needing homes. You can give one a home by refashioning it into a 20’ x 8’ art studio. Unlike premade sheds, you can do a great deal of customization to get exactly the space you want, and unlike building from scratch, steel construction gives you a great head start.

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