How To Make Your Home Look Vintage

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If you’re an old soul at heart, modern construction homes might not be your style, but buying an old home can be a risky investment. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can make your new place look and feel like a cozy old-time house. Follow these tips for how to make your home look vintage to soothe your old soul. 

Add Trim Work 

Trim work is one of the best ways to make your home look vintage. Many new houses aim for a sleek and modern style that nixes trim work like crown molding. Consider adding crown molding or wainscoting if your home doesn’t already have it. 

Change Out the Doors 

Doors and door handles can make a big difference in how your house feels. Panel doors and brass handles can make your home feel more traditional than new, modern choices.  

Add Some Vintage Décor 

Decorating will play a large role in making your home feel more vintage. Shop around consignment and antique shops for all the right décor. Look for antique art, old furniture, lighting options, and a worn rug to curate a vintage aesthetic throughout your house.   

You should also maximize the power of wood in your decorating efforts. Wood brings out warmth and character, making it the perfect flooring option. Likewise, wood furniture such as tables, chairs, and cabinetry will take your home back in time. 

Try Using Wallpaper 

Wallpaper is a staple of vintage home designs. Many companies will offer antique-inspired patterns and colors to make your home look like it belongs in a different era.  

Use Earth Tones 

If you prefer to paint instead of using wallpaper, earth tones are the best option for creating a vintage aesthetic. Stay away from bright and bold colors, as your paint should have a warm hue and shouldn’t overpower the room. This rule can also apply to décor pieces.

With a few style tips and tricks, you can easily transform your home. Use this guide to learn all the tips and tricks you’ll need to make your home look vintage.  

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