How To Keep Your Warehouse Workers Safe From Harm

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If you care about your workers and their safety, you need to ensure their work environment is safe, secure, and free from elements that can injure them or worse. It’s not difficult to maintain a workspace, though—particularly a warehouse; accidents rarely if ever take place there. If you want to keep your insurance premiums low and your workers’ spirits high, here’s how to keep your warehouse workers safe from harm.

Keep It Clean

Keeping a clean workspace goes an exceedingly long way toward keeping it safe. Yet, it’s an aspect that’s often overlooked. Establish a cleaning schedule, assign duties to your maintenance staff, and instill the idea in all your employees that cleaning is everyone’s job. Garbage cans and other trash receptacles should be regularly emptied and floors kept clean of debris. Spills and other messes must be thoroughly taken care of, particularly in the case of hazardous materials. Finally, shelving should be kept neat and orderly, with no spillover or materials jutting out, which could create potential for collisions and injuries. Reward workers clean things up without being asked!


Cameras in the warehouse can be used to monitor employees, but more importantly, they make it possible to watch for thieves or other unauthorized personnel entering the warehouse. Cameras can also be trained on little-used spaces to ensure everything is functioning as it should. More importantly, they can be focused on areas, machinery, and equipment where there’s an elevated risk of fire or accidents.

Provide Proper Safety Equipment

Most accidents are easily avoided with the proper personal protective equipment and tools. Make sure your employees are equipped with the products and materials that protect their health and well-being. Helmets and steel-toed shoes should be standard wear. Depending on the job, other standard equipment includes earplugs, goggles, high-visibility vests, and weight belts. Most of these may already be required by OSHA and your insurer; investigate the specifics.

Keep Talking

Here’s our final tip on how to keep your warehouse workers safe from harm: keep the lines of communication open. Have regular training and drills which cover what to do in case of emergency. Ensure all employees are trained in CPR and first aid and know how to contact first-responders. Assign walkie-talkies to your employees (or some similar means of intercommunication) so they’re not out of touch and can raise an alarm when needed. Finally, encourage a culture of safety and openness where everyone knows safety is everyone’s business!

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