How Farmers Should Prepare for Winter

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Winter is right around the corner, and in some parts of the nation—it’s already here. That said, farmers must ensure their farms are prepared. Without prepping your farm ahead of time, you’ll lose a lot of crops and potentially even livestock. We break down how farmers should prepare for winter in the following list of tips; read on to learn more.

Stock Up on Feed and Bedding

Living in farmland means you’re likely surrounded by dirt roads and country roads that might not get plowed during a snowstorm. You must ensure you have plenty of animal feed to keep your livestock nourished and healthy. Additionally, you’ll need plenty of bedding to keep your animals warm during the cold months.

Prepare Shelter for Livestock

Just like you, your livestock will need adequate shelter throughout the winter. You must ensure you’re winterizing chicken coops, hog, sheep, and horse shelters. You should make sure the livestock’s shelter also has a wind barrier to keep the animals warm. Additionally, you should always inspect the shelters for any damage and make any necessary repairs before winter arrives.

Make Sure Livestock Can Access Water

Unsurprisingly, your livestock will also need water; however, we’re approaching sub-freezing temperatures, which means water bowls might freeze. You must invest in heated waterers to ensure your livestock can actually drink the water when they need it. Sometimes, you might experience ice storms, which are notorious for knocking out power, so you should always ensure that the heaters are on and working. It might not be a bad idea to invest in a generator just in case.

We didn’t forget about the farmers themselves—that is, you. You can’t take of your livestock and your land without taking care of yourself first. Learning how farmers should prepare for winter is vital, especially in the earlier years of your farming career. As you grow in your career, you’ll develop a winter routine. Before you do that, though, you need a solid foundation. Don’t overlook the basics of winter prep for farming because the winter is no joke.

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