May 20, 2022

How Email Marketing Helps You Retain Donors

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Email is a blank canvas for your charity. You can insert all kinds of content—videos, pictures, stories, charts, and more—to connect with people. The best fundraising emails are, among other things, personal, balanced, and simple, with tons of room for your stamp of creativity. The best part? Their rate of return is high, relative to other forms of outreach.

In turn, retention emails (whether you call them that or not) also have broad potential—in this case, to maintain donors’ attention. To discover how email marketing helps you retain donors, consider these three points.

Emails Remind Them of You

Let’s not forget the basics—emails serve a primary function of reminding past donors of your continued existence. Unless they are active partners, they won’t keep you in mind without these check-ins.

That said, when you do come up on their phone, you may trigger another donation or volunteer day on their part. In time, your intermittent messages may train them to remember you. This wins you consistent support and means they’re pursuing a cause they care about.

They Show Your Progress

Second, monthly update emails paint a picture of how you’re doing as well as what you’re doing with their previous gift. Pictures of volunteers and staff in action, charts that track supplies given away, and testimonial videos all reassure them their donation is in good hands. Consider ramping down your appeals within these emails so they can focus on your work rather than always feeling pushed to hit a donate button.

Regular Messages Invite Them Into a Conversation

Our final way email marketing helps you retain donors is by showing off every inch of your organization. You may like the idea of elevator pitches, as they get the totality of your mission across, but they and other donor acquisition tactics lack the nuance of your multi-faceted charity.

Rather than always trying to sell donors on you, shoot for occasional emails that invite people into a conversation between partners (even if it feels like a monologue).  This is how you’ll get donors to trust you and choose to stay with you.

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