How Divorce Affects Different Parts of Your Life

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Finalizing a divorce doesn’t mean signing papers and moving on. This significant change in your life poses major challenges to your health and well-being, and if you have children, it will change your role as a parent. Here’s a closer look at how divorce affects different parts of your life.

Health Concerns

Divorce causes great stress and it can be hard on your body. Studies have shown that divorced people suffer from higher rates of illness, a higher incidence of substance abuse, and while correlation does not necessarily indicate causality, it does bear mentioning that divorced people often have lower life expectancies than their married counterparts. This means that if you’ve gone through a divorce yourself, you must take proactive strategies toward ensuring good health. Do your best to eat well, exercise regularly, and avoid indulging in addictive substances. Don’t just do it to get yourself back on the market—do it for yourself.

Financial Considerations

It’s not just alimony and child support that change one’s finances following a divorce. A divorce settlement agreement can have far-reaching financial ramifications that affect everything from life insurance policies and investment portfolios to the family house and cars. In community-property states such as California and Wisconsin, any property a married couple acquires during marriage is eligible to be divided equally in the event of a divorce. This proves difficult when dealing with real estate and investments, and often means having to sell the property to equally divide the sale price.

New Parenting Strategies

The transition from parenting to co-parenting represents one of the most drastic shifts in your life following divorce. Sharing parental responsibilities with your ex-spouse outside of a traditional partnership can be difficult, especially in the delicate approach one must take with the children, who often feel caught in the middle. Take care to protect children from any ill will between you and your ex-spouse. Don’t expect your kids to act as messengers or spies on your behalf or burden them with venting sessions that they can’t fully understand.

Broken Social Scenes

Because you build so much of your social life around your marriage and family, separating from your spouse can turn your circle of friends into more of a small arc. As divorce affects different parts of your life, finding yourself without the social support system you had hoped for can be a jarring change. Some friends may choose to side with your ex-spouse over you, while others simply lose a connection that was contingent upon being a married couple. Either way, the social rebuilding that follows divorce can be one of the biggest challenges, especially amid the ever-increasing social atomization of our world.

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