May 20, 2022

Fundraising Ideas To Raise Money for Playground Equipment

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For every school or local playground, there’s a financial hurdle you must jump before building new parts. So, as you prepare yourself for this new park construction project, consider starting with one of these fundraising ideas to raise money for playground equipment.

Give Individual Donors Incentives

It’s common to see others give small donations and see parks succeed in raising enough for their playground. However, other parks like to provide small incentives to their donors for contributing a small or large amount.

For your next donation drive, try giving small things back to donors. For example, for every $10 donation, a donor can have a bench dedicated to their family, or they can have a small garden section named after them for $20. Whatever the amount, make it worth the effort by offering something small to make the donor part of the park’s history.

Hold Special Events

Holding special events can make fundraising fun for the entire community, and even for the surrounding towns. From crowdsourced events to bake sales, special park events bring residents together for family fun and help the park improve with newly funded equipment.

However, ensure that the prices you list help you turn a profit when planning. For instance, a gala with tickets marked between $80 and $200 can help satisfy your budget and even help fund future plans.

Some events to consider planning:

  • Walk-a-thon
  • Bake sale
  • Hot dog eating contest

Another great idea is to try and create events for all ages; that way, everyone has fun and feels involved.

Partner With Businesses

Sometimes, collaborating with local or bigger businesses can help promote your fundraiser and even attract huge grants from corporations. Many companies take time out of their schedule to scout local projects to donate funds and help in the development of various communities.

Many businesses donate one-time in huge or small quantities, depending on how you plan to recognize them for their contribution. Also, no matter who contributes, it’s always better to pose their support in the form of advertisement.

In other words, displaying a sign that lists the donors of a park can help spread the word about a business and connect them to prospective customers in a positive way.

Host a Raffle

As you prepare your park, consider holding a raffle. A drawing can be a gift card to a favorite local restaurant or store, a T-shirt, or even a free pass to the town’s swimming pool. Many will flock to get their tickets and hope they win the grand prize.

Holding a raffle can help the community raise money for the park and get closer to your goal. So, to prepare for this, pick out different prizes for at least three people to win. Then, select a day to sell tickets, and draw the winners a week later.

Holding one of these fundraising ideas to raise money for playground equipment can help you align your goals to make the park a better place. Right before you start budgeting, consider other ways to make raising money for new park amenities better and more fun.

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