May 25, 2022

Essential Tips To Know Before Livestreaming

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Reviewing movies, providing industry advice, answering fan emails—there is a diverse array of topics you can livestream. Due to how popular livestreams are, you need to do lot of preparation and research before your first go at it. These essential tips to know before live streaming will help you avoid frustrating novice mistakes. These aren’t just tips to know before getting into the business; these are tips to keep in mind whenever you’re about to stream. 

Always Test Your Internet Speed

Your internet connection will make or break your stream. If you lack a strong bandwidth, that’s going to translate into a lackluster streaming experience. Even if all of your audio and video equipment is top-notch, the audience won’t see that if your internet connection is turning the stream into a mess. A quick speed test will help you determine your internet connection’s strength and save you the hassle of troubleshooting in the middle of a stream.

Monitor Your Stream on Another Device

Even if everything looks okay on your end, it’s crucial to have someone monitor your stream from another device. If you have a team with you in the studio and one of them has the stream going, they can immediately alert you if any issues occur.

However, your helper doesn’t have to be in the same building as you. Have someone who can contact you ASAP (via text, email, etc.) if stream issues occur. This is one of the essential tips to know before livestreaming because it can save you from wasting time when technical difficulties occur—and they will.

Consistently Use High-Quality Equipment

Streaming is becoming so easy that, technically, you only need an internet connection and a device that can stream to platforms such as Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube. However, if you want your stream to come off as professional and above average, you must invest in the right gear.

For instance, when you’re shopping for a live streaming camera, there are specific factors to consider if you’re going to take livestreaming seriously. Without doing some research first, you can’t get ahead of the competition. Investing cutting edge technology—from the camera to the encoder—will help you stand out as a high-quality, reliable content creator instead of someone simply trying to pile onto a trend.

There are many streamers out there. Making an effort to find the right equipment from high-quality suppliers can prevent you from blending into the crowd of others in the field. Additionally, if you notice any of your tech declining in quality or if it’s no longer the top option on the market, take some time to seek a suitable replacement.

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