Essential Gear and Gadgets for Off-Grid Living

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Many people dream of cutting their ties to the national grid and striking out their own, but they can’t do it without a little help from technology. From mobile water purifiers to renewable energy sources, here are some essential gear and gadgets for off-grid living.


Water purity is crucial to survival without indoor plumbing. If you’ve purchased land with a nearby freshwater source, you have to find a way to purify the water before consuming it. While there are several options, you can’t go wrong with a Lifestraw. It’s portable and highly effective, so you don’t have to worry about waterborne bacteria and viruses.


Cooking your food is another necessity to avoid unpleasant illnesses. While you can make do with a bonfire, there are a few high-tech gadgets that are a little more efficient. Consider buying a solar oven or a propane stove to cook your meat and veggies quickly and without the need for a connection to the national grid.

Flashlights and Solar Lights

While the sun is out, light isn’t much of an issue. Come nighttime, though, you’ll have trouble completing any task without the help of flashlights and solar lights. Buy LED flashlights to maximize the amount of use you get out of your batteries (they can cut power consumption by up to 90 percent compared to halogen lights), and invest in solar lights, too.

Solar Panels and Batteries

The sun comes up an awful lot when making the switch to off-grid living, and it’s no wonder why: the sun is your primary source of light and energy! Living off the grid doesn’t mean you have to forego electricity as long as you invest in solar power. With solar panels and batteries to store excess energy, you can enjoy electricity as if you were wired to the grid.

Now that you know the essential gear and gadgets for off-grid living, blaze your own trail and enjoy total independence!

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