Elegant Interior Design Style Ideas for 2021

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Choosing a new decorating style is no small task for anyone. As we make progress into 2021, many people are looking for ways to reimagine themselves and their homes. One way to accomplish this is to explore the most current elegant interior design style ideas for 2021. Though many are familiar, even standby looks are getting exciting updates.

The Rustic Look

In case you were worried, the weathered look is here to stay. Styles that focus on aged items as centerpieces are only becoming more popular with each successive year. Whether you like cottagecore, shabby chic, or another style that generously applies patina, you can be sure the look is still hot in 2021. To dig into the rustic aesthetic, bring more wood furnishing into your home, as this is the easiest material to weather. Bland neutrals like white are on their way out in favor of colorful patterns and pastels.

The best part about this look is that decorating is, in itself, a DIY hobby. Enjoy repainting old furniture and playing with the worn look by sanding edges and trim with medium-grit sandpaper. Another fun technique is to liberally apply black paint over embossed details, then wipe away the excess. The dark paint will stay in the creases and cracks, highlighting design elements with a very simple patina effect.

Embrace the Eclectic

The international explorer look we all miss from the ’90s is getting a subtle revival at last. People across the nation are beginning to look for more visually exciting looks. While minimalist and modern isn’t out by any means, solid colors and clear surfaces are being challenged by more complex visuals. Patterned walls, carpets, and upholstery are back.

Often, designs include a mix of cultures such as paisley and florets, and other beautiful and ethnically unique designs are cropping up all the time. To properly appreciate this style, try to find pieces and decorations that fill your space but aren’t too cluttered. The less empty space or solid colors, the better.

Modern and Minimalist

Simple and clean looks are still elegant interior design style ideas for 2021, despite the growing movement towards busier styles. The heart of the minimalist and modern look is neutrality. Nothing in a modern home will make a dramatic statement of personality or lifestyle. Instead, the modern look confers a sense of a safe space that is under control with just a touch of luxury.

Generally, furnishings all utilize predictable horizontal and vertical edges that suggest stasis and stability. Typical colors include white, gray, and black, though we may begin to see more monochromatic combinations in pastel tones. One major decorating mistake to avoid at all costs is the application of a mismatching, loud, or extra-dark accent wall. If you were a fan of this look, don’t be afraid to bring the rest of the room up to speed with matching hues.

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