Different Uses for Honey That You Should Consider

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Different Uses for Honey That You Should Consider

When you think of honey, you typically picture a sweet and amber-colored liquid that you enjoy with some bread. Several processes come into play to produce the syrupy indulgence you keep tucked in the cabinet. However, you can do more with honey than eat it. Check out some different uses for honey that you should consider trying at home.

Raw Honey Exfoliant

When you buy honey at the store, it normally comes in two varieties: raw and pasteurized. The difference between the two is that raw honey comes straight from the hive with any inedible pieces filtered out, while manufacturers have heated up and filtered regular honey. Besides eating, raw honey is great for catching dead skin when rubbed on the face. The pieces of honeycomb and sugar crystals latch on and safely smooth your skin before you wash it off, making it a great exfoliant.

Use It as a Moisturizer

Honey is a natural humectant, which is great for retaining moisture in any area you apply it. When you have sensitive skin, sometimes it’s best to lean away from the chemicals for a little while and use honey for your skin. By rubbing it on your skin and letting it set for five to 10 minutes, you nourish your skin and improve your complexion over time.

Energy Boost for Workouts

You burn off energy while you exercise, allowing you to sustain a longer workout. For those who feel exhausted before finishing their routine, having a spoonful of honey beforehand is a helpful trick. By consuming a small load of carbs an hour or two before exercising, you give yourself a store of energy for your body to use in the middle of the workout.

Understanding why it’s good to eat honey is important, but it’s best not to waste its extra benefits by treating it as only a treat. Knowing about the different uses for honey that you should consider allows you to get more bang for your buck the next time you have some in your home.

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