Different Types of Food Products You Can Grow Indoors

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Different Types of Food Products You Can Grow Indoors

We’re getting deeper into winter, and if you’re an average homeowner, there are quite a few foodstuffs that are out of season. So, how do you grow your favorites? Where can you start if you’re trying something new? Luckily, indoor gardening is easier than ever. Check out our different types of food products you can grow indoors below.

Cultivate Mushrooms

We’ve been cultivating mushrooms for millennia, and recently more and more people have begun to use mushroom grow kits to grow everything from oyster mushrooms to Lion’s mane. It’s a delicate process but one that’s incredibly rewarding to master. Once you “get it,” you’ll make large batches that can last for weeks rather than rely on going to the grocery store over and over.

Mushrooms require a dark, damp place to grow and a sterile environment, but you don’t need to spend much money to get supplies. Both edible and medicinal mushrooms are used for various purposes, so take advantage of the opportunity to grow them. This is one of the best kinds of foods you can eat and grow indoors.

Grow Carrots

Carrots have so many health benefits that we’d be remiss to mention them. They help with viral immunity, lower cholesterol, and can even reduce the risk of cancer. Therefore, having unlimited access to them year-round is a boon.

All you need to do is put the seeds in one-inch-deep soil, so they can germinate over two or three weeks. Make sure you thinly space them, about 8cm apart, when the leaves pop up. Since you’re growing them in-house, ensure they get three to four hours of sunlight daily. After they begin to grow, simply harvest and enjoy!

Grow Herbs

Growing herbs is a great way to give your home fragrance, greenery, and great ingredients for your food. Depending on which herbs you decide to grow, they may also help you with any viral infections or illnesses, such as the common cold, and even strengthen your immunity. Picking the right plants is key. Basil, chives, mint, and oregano are all good candidates.

You can start them from seedlings or cuttings. Regardless, ensure you get a drainage pot, find the sunniest spot in the house—they require up to 12 hours of sunlight—and water them to keep the soil consistently moist. Make sure you don’t leave them soaked. In our list of the different types of food products you can grow indoors, this is one of the most popular.

Growing your food is rewarding; you’ll have quite the harvest within weeks. If you choose any of the options above, you’ll be ready for a mouth-watering feast!

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