Different Activities for Toddlers During Quarantine

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Everyone is trying to stay busy during COVID-19, but parents of toddlers are trying to keep themselves and their kids busy. We feel your pain—toddlers have a short attention span and they need something to do always. That’s why we comprised a list of different activities for toddlers during quarantine. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more.

Channel your inner arts and craft teacher

Toddlers love being creative, and you can encourage them to make a new picture with painting, drawing, or getting an arts and craft kit. To keep things simple for your little one, you can get water-based paints and let them paint with their fingers, sponges, or large brushes. Additionally, there are plenty of toddler-friendly options for drawing like the CHUCHIK magnetic board or mess-free Crayola markers.

Have a dance party

Sometimes, toddlers just want to move around, so why not put on some fun songs and teach them how to dance? If you don’t know what songs to put on, there are tons of toddler dance-along playlists on YouTube. Not only is it adorable watching your toddler dance, but it’ll also help them burn off some energy so that Mom and Dad can hopefully squeeze a nap in.

Get some educational toys

Just because we’re in the middle of a global pandemic doesn’t mean your child’s development has to wait. Believe it or not, there are toys for toddlers that are educational and support their development. Just make sure you do your research prior to buying a toy because they’re not all educational and some even have materials that could be toxic.

The best part about getting toys is that it fosters your child’s developing crucial skills, like their fine motor skills and creativity. Also, these different activities for toddlers during quarantine encourage you to spend quality time with your toddlers—nothing is more precious than that. Your little ones grow up fast, so take advantage of this time.

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