June 14, 2024
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Crockett County’s first COVID-19 cases have been reported at local nursing home

According to Mayor Gary Reasons, over the past 24 hours there have been multiple COVID-19 tests given in Crockett County. One in particular that was concerning, came back as inconclusive but has been retested and is negative.

Results of COVID-19 are updated on the Tennessee Department of Health’s website and social media daily at 2 p.m.

Staff at The Crockett County Times have spoken with Harber Laman Management’s Director of Operations, Mark Davis, this morning as well as one of the Bells Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s (BNRC) Director’s and confirmed that the center has received five positive test results of residents on the back portion of the east wing.

A resident was discharged from BNRC on April 7 and tested positive on April 14 at a surrounding hospital. This individual was not a resident of Crockett County and was not a resident of BNRC at the time of the positive test result.

The first positive resident at BNRC was the roommate of the discharged resident. This individual had been to the hospital and returned to the center two days before the isolation hall was implemented earlier this month.

The isolation hall simply serves as a quarantine hall for residents who have been to the hospital and returned to the center to prevent cross contamination and keep individuals who have been exposed to others separate from the individuals who have not been outside of the center.

This individual is considered to be the centers first case and has since been doing well and is no longer showing symptoms. The reason for this individual being tested was because she was the roommate of the resident who tested positive at the hospital.

All residents on this back portion of the East Wing were tested Friday, April 17 late as a precaution and of those tested, two were added to the positive count.

Up until this point, any staff who have been symptomatic have been tested. According to the director, all staff members who have been in contact with these positive residents are being tested at other local medical facilities.

The staff have been taking precautionary measures up until this point that included the use of surgical masks, gloves, hand washing, and in cases of pending tests, positive tests, and those on the isolation hall have been wearing gowns.

The center staff are now wearing N95 masks.

According to Davis, there is no shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at their facility. They actually received an additional shipment today and will continue to utilize these measures.

Davis said, “This is an unfortunate circumstance and we are doing what we can to keep our residents and staff protected. We will remain in contact with the regional health department.”

Discussion of testing the remainder of the wing is happening today.

We will continue to keep you updated as additional information becomes available.

Additionally, below are steps Harber Laman Healthcare Management has taken.

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