Common Mistakes Made When Starting a Catering Business

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The last few years have seen many people turn to side hustles to make a little extra cash. If you’re looking for your own side business and if you’ve got a knack for whipping up delicious food, you might want to consider catering. Catering gives you the flexibility to set your hours, get creative, and the chance to attend amazing parties and events.

If you’re considering starting your own catering business, you’ll want to keep some things in mind to set yourself up for success. Discover some of the common mistakes made when starting a catering business.

Failing To Advertise Yourself

Word-of-mouth marketing is essential, especially in the early goings of a business. If you provide to one or two clients you’ve met organically, they can go a long way towards spreading the word of your catering business. However, it’s also crucial that you do as much as possible to market yourself and reach potential customers. Let people know what type of services you offer, booking information, and a preview of the kind of food you prepare. Social media, especially Instagram, is a particularly cost-effective method of advertising yourself. Post pictures of your different food to entice clients, and use hashtags to gain visibility.

Overloading Your Plate

When you start your catering business, you’ll most likely have to start with just one or two employees, including yourself. It can be easy to stretch yourself thin from the excitement of booking new clients and an eagerness to recoup your investment costs as quickly as possible. However, you need to make sure you are realistic about the timetables and schedules you are giving yourself. Catering multiple events in one day, for example, can bring a boost in profit, but you may not be able to provide as much attention to your clients’ needs.

Not Investing in the Right Equipment

It takes a certain amount of capital before starting any business. For catering, there’s essential equipment that you will need. For example, you will need a kitchen, serving trays, tablecloths, portable cooking equipment, and a way to transport your food and supplies to customers.

If you don’t already have a vehicle capable of handling different amounts of food, you’ll most likely have to invest in an insulated van or refrigerator truck. It’s also essential to perform routine maintenance on your vehicles to prevent breakdowns in service. It would help if you also considered leasing or renting as much equipment as possible in the early goings, so your money isn’t constantly being spent on these items.

When trying to avoid common mistakes made when starting a catering business, the best advice is to prepare yourself as much as possible. Research, gain experience in the field, and save up money beforehand to put yourself in a position to succeed.

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