Carl Perkins Center shines the light on child abuse prevention

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The Crockett County Carl Perkins Center for the prevention of child abuse is raising awareness across county for Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Child Abuse Prevention Month serves as a special opportunity to learn about the signs of child abuse and how to report it.

If you see Child Abuse happening, call the Police at 911 immediately.

What to DO when a child comes forward:

Contact Law Enforcement at 911 and the Department of Children Services at 1-877-237-0004 immediately and without exception

Comfort and reassure the child, when needed

Arrange for immediate counseling, if needed

Document the information and your concerns in writing as soon as possible

Secure medical attention, if appropriate

Keep the child separate from the alleged offender, if possible

What NOT to DO when a child comes forward:

Make promises you cannot keep

Attempt to investigate the allegations on your own

Make the child repeat the disclosure to other responsible adults

Inform the alleged offended of the accusation or the identity of the child

Overreact, be judgmental or become overly emotional in the presence of the child

Confront the alleged offender

Ways to RESPOND when a child comes forward:

Go slowly and deliberately—don’t ask too much too quickly and don’t pressure the child to keep talking

Reassure the child that he or she did the right thing by telling

Let the child know you believe his or her story

Tell the child it was not his or her fault; repeat this message

Keep your own anger in check

It is all right to say you are sorry for what happened, but don’t allow your feelings of sadness or anger overwhelm the child’s feelings or take precedence

Tell the child briefly what will happen next

Give continuing support for the courage and strength it took for the child to tell

The center provides many resources and programs for children and families including 24 hour hot line services, child advocacy center services, community education, forensic interviews, forever parents, kids on the block, non-offending caregiver support groups, nurturing parenting, relative caregiver program, stewards of children, support services, therapeutic visitation, trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, victim advocacy services and volunteer services.

The Crockett County Carl Perkins Center typically holds many fundraisers each year, including their main fundraising dinner and auction. Due to COVID-19 changes have been made with the fundraiser but the center plans to schedule the next one later in 2021-2022.

The community continues to come together to support he center and help children and families within the community.

The Crockett County Carl Perkins Center is asking everyone to help light up the county with blue throughout the month of April. Blue light bulbs are available at the center for $5 each.

Businesses in the county are also raising awareness and donating to the center in a big way. Throughout the month of April, a portion of precedes from Grow Nutrition and Nutrition on the Farm “Be the Light” drink and Alamo Sonic Blue Raspberry Slush will go to the Crockett County Carl Perkins Center.

On Friday, April 9, the center will also be selling tenderloin lunches from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bag lunches are $6 and include a tenderloin sandwich, bag of chips, cookies and a drink.

“Our goal is to serve children and families in preventing and dealing with child abuse and neglect

Creating more awareness throughout the month of April,” said Bethany Outlaw.



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