Car Issues: When To Replace Your Transmission

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Car Issues: When To Replace Your Transmission

Car issues are annoying for any driver. But it’s important to acknowledge problems and find smart solutions. If you’re dealing with system issues, you should know when to replace your transmission. A new part ensures a properly running vehicle.

What Does Your Transmission Do?

The transmission moves power from the engine to the wheels. Simply put, it helps your vehicle move. Vehicles have either automatic or manual transmissions. Manual systems require drivers to manually change gears, while automatic systems do it on their own.

Regardless of the type of transmission your vehicle has, the system is a critical part of your car. Unfortunately, your transmission may fail and cause your car to malfunction. In these cases, you must replace or rebuild the unit.

The degree of damage determines your next step toward a better transmission.

Signs of Transmission Failure

When driving becomes difficult, internal damage can be the cause of problems. In particular, transmission failure prevents your car from performing the right functions. For example, it’s hard to shift gears with a bad system. Here are some signs of transmission failure:

  • Delayed engagement or reaction
  • Rough shifts
  • Transmission fluid leaks
  • Grinding or strange sounds
  • Burning smell

Repair vs. Replacement

You can solve transmission problems by repairing or replacing the transmission. Repairing involves replacing damaged or worn transmission components. For instance, a bad seal, clutch, or gasket is a common culprit of a bad system.

Replacing the transmission involves removing the existing transmission and installing a new unit inside your vehicle. This is an expensive solution, but it’s necessary for severe cases. When you experience transmission issues, you may have to replace it if you have a system failure. Sometimes, transmission parts aren’t salvageable for repairs. Installing a new transmission is best in these scenarios.

Replacement Advice

You or a professional can replace your transmission. Many car-savvy people prefer to replace their transmissions themselves to save on labor costs. After all, the vehicle part is expensive on its own.

You have the right items on hand for success. The tools you need to replace your transmission include a hydraulic floor jack, fluid drain pan, prybar, and wrench set.

It’s also best to have an assistant while replacing the transmission. Removing the unit from your vehicle is a two-person task because the part is heavy. The extra person can also assist with other replacement steps!

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