Be Your Own Boss: 10 Great Small Business Ideas

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Every day, thousands of people wake up in the morning and decide they have had enough. They’ve had enough of the rat race and working for someone else. Working for a massive, global corporation and a faceless boss that doesn’t know their name is no longer enough. Today is the day that they start their own business and make their own money. But what kind of business should they start? That’s the big question. Here are 10 great small business ideas that you can start with minimal experience and capital. All that’s left is to take the plunge and build your dream.

Boat Cleaning

Dry docked boats that are taken out of the water for the winter for repairs or they need their hull cleaned. Start by approaching homes with boats in the yard or partner with a marina that stores and repairs boats.

Bicycle Repair

Bikes will never go away, and as the years go on, fewer and fewer people know how to fix them. You can do this out of your garage or a small storage unit. Be sure to offer Saturday hours for emergency repairs.

Business Plan Service

Write business plans for other budding entrepreneurs. Do the market research, financial statements, and business plan narrative. Walk them through the process from start to finish and be prepared for notes.

Ride Share Driver

The gig economy is strong, and there is always money for the making. Uber and Lyft are always in need of drivers, and if you have a nice car, you can make more cash.

Seal Coating Services

Start an asphalt driveway repair and seal coating business. You’ll need a truck and a few tools to get started. Ask for referrals at the end of a job and let the work come to you.

Cleaning Service

If you want to work at night when no one is around, focus on office buildings. Or, you can offer residential cleaning services during the day. Get started with some cleaning products, rags, and vacuum cleaner.

Dog Walker

This is more effective in urban areas and large cities where there are more potential clients in a smaller area. Business will be booming if you offer more services like feeding and playing with the dog.

Open an Online Store

Websites like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy make it easier than ever to sell goods online. Find things in the house you want to toss or source things from overseas and open a store. Have a central theme for your store, like sporting goods or makeup.

Event Planning

All you need for this is a phone, some organizational skills, people skills, and some connections. Build relationships with all the venues and vendors in your area that provide party services. Use those connections and build a database to use for planning any event.

Home Inspection Services

Every home needs an inspection by a licensed professional home inspector during a sale. Stay up to date on building codes and all aspects of home structure and safety. Continuing education is a must in this field.

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