May 20, 2022

Bad Driving Habits That Damage Your Car

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No driver is perfect, even if we like to believe we are. Everyone has one or two bad habits that aggravate others on the road or put unnecessary strain on their vehicle. If you find yourself practicing one of these bad driving habits, you may be damaging your car.

Full Speed Ahead

The need for speed has damaging repercussions. Encountering a pothole or two is a fairly common occurrence on the road, and if you hit it at full speed, you’re damaging your tire’s suspension, steering, and alignment. On the other end of the spectrum, failing to slow down for a speed bump will also damage your vehicle’s alignment.

Not Stopping Before Shifting

All too often, drivers shift from reverse to drive without coming to a full stop first. However, taking the extra couple of seconds to do so can make a significant difference. When moving from reverse to drive, the automatic gearbox handles shifting gears while the brakes do the stopping. Without a complete stop, the wear and tear falls on the automatic gearbox and transmission rather than the brake pads and discs, which are easily serviceable.

Driving like a NASCAR driver

Your standard sedan doesn’t handle like a racecar. Movements like abrupt acceleration and drifting can damage your car. If you’re not on the racetrack, it’s best to leave fast speeds, drifting, and weaving in and out of other vehicles to the professionals.


Sometimes, you need to pack a lot for a family vacation. Other times, junk just seems to build up in the cargo space of our cars. Either way, adding too much cargo to your vehicle could be damaging it. While modern cars can handle moderately heavy loads, overloading puts a strain on your vehicle’s brakes, suspension, and drivetrain, so it’s best to avoid leaving heavy items in the trunk when they aren’t necessary.

Driving on Fumes

Driving on fumes is one of the most common driving habits that damage your car. Once your car’s gas gauge approaches empty, it’s best not to push your luck. Not only could you end up stranded with an empty tank, but you’re also hurting your car. Gasoline works as a coolant in your fuel system, and driving with too little gas in your tank can cause parts to overheat and malfunction. Your catalytic converter, fuel pump, and fuel system are all at risk of damage if you don’t have enough gas.

Learning that your driving is what is causing the damage to your car is a tough pill to swallow. But avoiding these bad driving habits that damage your car will keep your vehicle running for the long haul.

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